We’re officially three days away from Santa’s big night so let’s all get into the spirit and start this post off by singing a carol together. Ready? I’ll start. I’m……dreaming…..of an 82 degree…..Christ-massss…..

…What? Were you singing it differently? ’82 degree Christmas’ might not have quite the same ring to it as the original…but it sure feels amazing!

I know for some, the only way it truly feels like the holiday season is with a blanket of snow on the ground. So let’s compromise. Today’s outfit of the day features some endless summer looks plus a few tips on transitioning your summer essentials into colder weather climates all while encompassing my permanent mood: ‘let it snow…elsewhere’.

'I don't do winter' Thermal Tee: Wildfox Polka Dot High Waist Bikini Bottoms: Victorias Secret  Sheer Wrap Skirt:  NastyGal

‘I don’t do winter’ Thermal Tee: Wildfox
Polka Dot High Waist Bikini Bottoms: Victoria’s Secret
Sheer Wrap Skirt: Nasty Gal

Let me tell you a little story about my first experience with falling snow. Keep in mind – as a kid, I have been to the snow and in the snow but we’re talking snow in California ie: it’s either fake snow or if it isn’t, the snow is already on the ground when you get up a mountain to play in it. The first time I was actually in actively falling snow was last December in Norwalk, CT. I had just bought a darling new coat and had about a 5-minute walk from my office to my hotel so I thought ‘it’s a short walk and I have this great coat, this will be fun to walk in.’ Spoiler alert – it was not fun. It was not fun at all. This California girl did not realize that the snow would be wet while it was falling and is essentially a colder and more painful rain and about 10 steps across the parking lot I had realized my coat was definitely more fashionable than functional. I was soaked, freezing, and regretting all of my life choices. Some kind woman that worked in the building took pity on me and offered me a ride across the street where I then dramatically turned up the heat all the way, took the hottest shower I could physically stand, and longingly looked at pictures of the Los Angeles sunshine for the rest of the night.

Needless to say, when I first saw this top by Wildfox I knew it was made for me.

I paired the top with high-waisted, black and white polka dot bikini bottoms from Victoria’s Secret and layered with this sheer Nasty Gal skirt because I liked how the rich burgundy color helped give the overall look a winter tone. For colder climates, you can still get away with a sheer element in your outfit but try layering it over either jeans for a fun, trendy look or a classic dress with tights combo for a more dressed up style. 

Sunnies: Vintage Lip: Bite Beauty Hair: Endless Salon

Sunnies: Vintage
Lip: Bite Beauty
Hair: Endless Salon

To bring in more of that jewel tone from the skirt, I accessorized with big vintage sunnies and some color on my lips. I love this creamy, soft lipstick by Bite Beauty because even though it has a rich color (this shade, Rhubarb, has a purple/mauve tone to it) it isn’t overwhelming and it wears like a neutral.

And of course…the shoes.

Shoes: Zara

Shoes: Zara

These shoes may have won the record for the fastest thing I’ve ever added to a cart. I can honestly say I remember getting slightly choked up when I passed them one night scrolling the Zara app and they’ve taken my breath away ever since.

From simple styles to over the top glam like the ones above, mules were huge this summer and are staying in the spotlight this fall and winter too. Try them with a pair of tights or fun socks in a bright color or different texture to transition your style into the colder months.

Winter Wonderland.

Winter Wonderland.

I can anticipate some of your concerns re: skipping winter. An endless summer would pretty much eliminate the opportunity for playing in the snow, for example. Well…problem solved, friends! Just grab a little pool, fill it up with water and enjoy the great outdoors. Oh, you think it’s odd to fill a pool with water and sit in a field eating a candy cane? Well, no offense, but what do you think sledding is? It’s pretty much the same concept except the field is covered in frozen water instead.

If a little mid-December dip outside isn’t really your idea of fun, there is always the alternative of simply being outside to enjoy the sunshine.

Tee: Wildfox Shorts: Forever 21 Diet Coke: Heaven Sent

Tee: Wildfox
Shorts: Forever 21
Diet Coke: Heaven Sent

For this look, I stayed consistent with the same Wildfox top but changed the vibe up to something a little more fun and vintage plus included two of my favorite things: leopard print and Diet Coke.

Sunnies: Zero UV Shoes: Nordstrom

Sunnies: Zero UV
Shoes: Nordstrom

If it’s too cold for a t-shirt and shorts where you are there are other ways to bring a little endless summer into your winter wardrobe. Try a bold pair of sunnies (I am obsessed with these pearl frames from Zero UV) or a bright pair of shoes. These hot pink heels from Nordstrom are in what people typically consider a ‘summer’ color so even if you’re in a colder climate you can still bring in some summer spirit.

So. Are we on board for year-round sunshine or are you still dreaming of that White Christmas? Whatever weather you’re dreaming of and whether you’ve already lit your menorah, are counting down to Christmas, or are looking forward to any other holiday this season – at FCXO we’re wishing you a wonderful celebration full of magic, joy, and plenty of warmth where it matters most: in your heart.