outfit inspo: what would love do


Valentine’s Day. Love Day. Red. Hearts. Pink. Lips. X’s and O’s. AKA Heather’s FAAAAAVORITE holiday and month of the year.

We’ve been over this, I’m sure. Those people that say “I hate Valentine’s Day, it’s so commercial and fake and people should show their love all year anyway.” and my response is, as it always is, this is true that we should show our love all year round but the truth is some people just don’t and I don’t see a single thing wrong with dedicating a whole day to spreading love around.

Valentine’s Day is to be spent with people you love – and that doesn’t just mean a romantic love. Don’t have a boyfriend or girlfriend? That’s OK – have a girls night! Spend some time with your fam and let them know you care. Or just spend a much deserved solo night (in our out) and treat yo self because of all the love we have and share, loving ourselves should be at the top anyway.

But what do you WEAR to express and celebrate a day of heart eyes and smooches and cuddles and hugs and friendship?? Come on now. I gotchu.


For a fun night out with friends, go bold. Go silly. And go to show your love for your fabulous friendship circle.

Sweater: Wildfox Sequin Joggers: Nordstrom Shoes: L.A.M.B. Lipstick: NYX

Sweater: Wildfox
Sequin Joggers: Nordstrom
Shoes: L.A.M.B.
Lipstick: NYX


Kisses for my misses

Full shot with the shoes.

Full shot with the shoes.

A gold heel, a cheeky sweater and sequins. Yes please!

A gold heel, a cheeky sweater and sequins. Yes please!

A bold gold heel and a pony make this look even more fun.

Too much sparkle for you? That’s OK – why don’t you try some lips and leather instead?

Top: Forever 21 Skirt: Nordstrom Tights: Pretty Polly Belt: Asos Boots: Wanted Hair: I miss it

Top: Forever 21
Skirt: Nordstrom
Tights: Pretty Polly
Belt: Asos
Boots: Wanted
Hair: I miss it

Add a little fun into your girls night.

Add a little fun into your girls night.





Barbie Girl.
Dress: ASOS
Jacket: Target
Love Ring: Luna B Boutique
Shoes: Calvin Klein
Watch: Charming Charlie
Bracelet: Charming Charlie



Love ring and Arm Candy.


Lips Dress

Barbie Girl.


Okay, okay. I know. This is barbie, cotton candy, bubble gum at its finest. I know most people aren’t going to go so hard core with the pink. So here are a few more options for you :)

Going somewhere formal?


Gown: Marchesa
Gloves: Vintage
Bracelet: Vintage
Best Accessory: Champagne


Now, I wore this gorgeous Marchesa gown at the Opera in NYC but this would also work for a fancy play wherever you are. If it’s cold where you are, throw on a cape or a coat for the trek outside.


More casual plans?


Top: Wildfox
Jeans: ASOS
Accessories: Various


Some skinnies, a pair of booties and a heart tank will do the job just fine. I wore this with a leopard cardigan (love those mixed prints!) but a solid color jacket or sweater would also work here.


Friends busy? No relationship this year? NO WORRIES!! This love day, treat the most special person on the planet – YOU! That’s right – you get up every day, endure the bad days an still get shit done. You are worth a little pampering and why not celebrate that on love day if you are hanging solo?

Sweater: Wildfox Sleep Mask: Wildfox Socks: Nordstrom Rack

Sweater: Wildfox
Sleep Mask: Wildfox
Socks: Nordstrom Rack


Stay in. Turn on the iPad, iPod, TV, whatever it is that suits your fancy. Read a book. Make yourself some tasty treats. Give yourself a facial or a mani. Whatever it is that you are doing, make sure you love it and enjoy.


Watch a movie, read a book, make some tasty treats for one. Treat yo self!

Watch a movie, read a book, make some tasty treats for one. Treat yo self!


Don’t want to stay in or feel like it will bum you out? That’s okay too – hit the pavement and take yourself on a walk. Go to the beach, the park, smell the roses. Do some yoga, meditate, run, take a hike, have a picnic or just sit in your driveway if you want and chill out.

Get some fresh air and revitalize your soul.

Get some fresh air and revitalize your soul.


Looking for a way to add a pop of love detail without going so over the top? There are so many ways you can do that, too!


From a scarf to a bangle, shoes to a pair of sunnies - it's easy to add a little love into your look.

Bracelets: Stella and Dot
Watch: Betsey Johnson
Bow with pearls: Nordstrom
Headband: Marc Jacobs
Shoes: Calvin Klein
Scarf: Nordstrom Rack
Sunnies: Target


From a watch to a headband, some dollar (yes, one dollar) sunnies from Target or some gorgeous bangles – it’s easy to add a pop of love into your look.


Love, Always, and Blessed bangles in different languages.

Love, Always, and Blessed bangles in different languages.


These bracelets (insert heart eye emoji here!). They are three individual and say Blessed, Love, or Always in several different languages. I am OBSESSED. These beauties are available for purchase on my website www.stelladot.com/filthycutexo if you must have them like I had to! These will take you beyond Valentine’s Day and show a little sweetness, style and culture all at the same time.

Calvin Klein Sandal

Calvin Klein Sandal


When I saw these shoes I KNEW they had to be mine. Pink AND red?? Normally we avoid that combo together but something about these sweet sandals just works for me.


Smooch Me

Smooch Me

Try some fancy eye makeup and a cheeky little accessory for your night out.


Heart Eye Emoji

Heart Eye Emoji

On the real though – am I not THE heart eye emoji here??

Anyway – you can find heart eye sunnies like these pretty much anywhere these days although these beauties were under $15 at Nordies.


Whew – we made it! I hope you all have a splendid Love Day and that regardless of what you do you let the world feel your love. Try not to let negativity get you down today – lots of people are haters on the day but remember that it’s only commercial if you let it be – don’t buy a dozen red roses to show your love if you don’t think that shows it. I personally send out personalized Valentine’s to lots of my friends, near and far, and have been getting those nearest and dearest to me little pressies to show I care for years and years – wayyyy before I was part of a pair. You don’t need to spend money to show those that you love that you love them – but just make sure you show them some how. :)

Happy Valentine’s Day, darlings. Wishing you a year full of X’s and O’s!



lean on me.


Hello beauties,

I experienced something so inspirational and awesome tonight that I had to come and share.

After a four-day trip to San Diego with my work team that was enlightening and lovely and productive I was heading back up home to OC and I stopped off in Del Mar to get some food. I didn’t know a lot of things around the area so went into a small place I saw and got a little booth to myself and waited. It wasn’t too crowded and there were about three other seats taken up; one group was a dad and two daughters, another woman by herself like me, and the last was a couple together having dinner. There were also two cooks and a girl behind the counter.

While I waited for my food they played some nice tunes; older songs and some upbeat ones and then – ‘Lean On Me’ came on. Now we’ve all heard the song and we probably all love the song and if you don’t, well I don’t know what to say to you. So. ‘Lean On Me’ comes on. At first you just see everybody was sort of nodding their heads to the song, a random hum or two murmured during the first verse.

And then the first chorus starts.

One of the line cooks start singing the actual words to the song out loud. The customers and I sort of smile and look around at each other thinking it was just a quick little tune but he continues. Then the second cook joins in. Then it’s the lady by herself. Then I start in, followed by the dad and his kids, along with the girl at the counter etc. until we are all literally singing this song together, perfect strangers just clapping to the beat, laughing and just going for it. Not one person had their phone out. Nobody was embarassed or worried or afraid to act a little silly with strangers. It was so in the moment and lovely and fun and it sounds silly but it is something I will truly remember forever.

It reminded me that sometimes being present and not focusing on what we might have missed or what is coming tomorrow can be so beautiful and these one of a kind things can occur if you are really ‘there’ enough for them. After the song ended everyone laughed together and then went back to each of our own respective tables, lives, conversations. But for that 5 minutes and 52 seconds it felt like such a special connection and awesome movie moment.

Thanks universe for the reminder that even if I’m sitting at a table by myself, I’m never really alone. :)




allow me to introduce 2015′s biggest thing to hit accessories – ME


Hello, lover.

Hello, lover.


As of January 2015 I am proud to have added ‘Stella and Dot stylist’ to my fashion resume and honestly I could not be more excited. Now, I know what some of you may be thinking.

Now I can practically hear a few of you naysayers through the computer screen. You’ve probably heard about the line in passing or think you know kinda/sorta what it is about. Well let me assure you whatever ‘just another home party thing’ is floating around in your brain, it is not the case with this fabulous and fun line. It is sold at home trunk shows/events, that part is true. But it’s also sold on my website and is not the cheese factor that some other independent jewelry companies (a lady doesn’t name names) are. And the best part? With a ridiculous amount of items under $50 it fits right into my glam girl on a budget.

I have been approached by a lot of at home companies (and some not at home companies) to promote their products but have declined most every one. The reason this brand not only had me saying yes but actually got me excited to share my styling tips is that the pieces they design are actually perfectly on trend and GORGEOUS. The quality is sensational, the range from classic to over the top is perfect and where else are you going to find an engraveable and 100% unique pendant, a statement necklace you can style both different ways AND different lengths, and a celeb favorite bracelet all at the same online boutique?

Stella and Dot’s one of a kind collections are designed by celebrated New York designers and have been featured in Gossip Girl, In Style and Lucky Magazine as well as on the wrists and necklines of today’s hottest celebrities. Who, you ask?

Lucy Hale

Lucy Hale in the silver Pave Arrow Cuff

Nina Dobrev

Nina Dobrev

Katy Perry

Katy Perry in the Renegade Cluster Bracelet

Amy Poehler

Amy Poehler in the Rebel Pendant Necklace

Vanessa Hudgens

Vanessa Hudgens in the Sahara Pendant Necklace


Of the above, I gotta say I’m giving Katy, Vanessa and Amy a huge filthy cute seal of approval as they are sporting some of my favorite pieces from the S&D collection.

All three pieces are still available for purchase at www.stelladot.com/filthycutexo

I’ve sorting through my spring line and styling these fabulous pieces like crazy so I can put together a spring must have post for all you lovely fashionistas. Stay tuned for that in the next week or so and in the meantime check out the shop and let me know what your favorites and must haves are.




tips and trends for 2015 (or, harry styles is my style twin)


The number one question I’m being asked my friends and readers alike is what to look for in 2015. To answer this, I first need to share something quite astonishing that I realized this month.

I, Filthy Cute XO founder and stylist extraordinaire Heather, am the fashion inspiration for one Mr. Harry Styles.

Yes, that Harry Styles.

Worldwide phenomenon, overall gift to human kind and one of the kindest and most genuine people I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting several times – HARRY. STYLES.

I know what you are thinking. “But Heather – this is a famous 20 year old boy, why on earth would he be looking to you – as FABULOUS as your style is – out of everyone else??

Well, my friends. Let the evidence speak for itself. And while we do – let’s chat about trends an style tips to focus on (that both H and I are BIG fans of).


EXHIBITt A: Bunny Hunny’s, Passion for Polka Dots, and Hiding in Hats.

Bunny hunnys, all smiles in polka dots and big floppy hats.

Bunny hunnys, Passion for polka dots, and Hiding in hats.


Bunny Hunnys – I mean. Does anything else need to be said about this? And yes, I am perfectly aware that his bun is way cuter than mine and probably took wayyyyy less effort to look so flawless. I’m not pouting, I promise (I’m lying).

Passion for Polka Dots – Let the record show (and a glimpse into my closet as well) that there is little I love more than a flirty and fun print. Let the record ALSO show – this was one of the first venture into blouses that Harry went for this summer and while he looks adorable and all – I did wear mine first. I’m just saying. NOT ONLY did I wear it first but I also wore it when I met Mr. Styles backstage this past summer for the second time – shortly after his delightful polka dot debut was made.

Feel free to join us on this passion for polka dots as the print will remain a classic as always. Try a mint green with a gold accent for an updated take or stick to the traditional black and white – there is no way to go wrong with this classic style statement .





Hiding in Hats – Ok, this one is a toss up. Harry might actually win this round simply because he goes bigger and bolder than I do most of the time.

Either way – a big floppy hat is a fashion favorite for both of us and will continue to be big into the 2015 season. If you aren’t comfortable going big – try a bold color instead. I am really in love with a really deep wine or a navy blue hue.


EXHIBIT B: Leopard Lover, Heart Eyes, and Fair Feathered Friends.


Leopard lovers part one, hearts in our eyes, and nothing says a party like a feather boa.

Leopard lovers (part one), Heart Eyes and Fair Feathered Friends.


Leopard Lovers – What is my number one personal style mantra? LEOPARD IS MY BLACK. Come on now. I had my Sweet Sixteen leopard themed for goodness sake. Harry seems to have caught on to the allure of this sexy and fabulous print and has been seen spotted (ha ha, get it??) in it from coats to shirts to even some booties to the American Music Awards.

It seems that while I love this pattern every moment of every day, trend wise it comes and goes every few years. This year it was back with a vengeance and it looks like this is staying strong into next season as well. Great news for me as it gives me a chance to stock up on my favorite print while its easily found until the next drought occurs again.


Heart Eyes – Is there anything sweeter than literally wearing a heart on your sleeve? We think not. Bold, heart prints just add a sweet something extra to your look. Most people stick to hearts and lip prints for Valentines month – but I think that going for a touch of love is NEVER out of style.


Fair Feathered Friends – Does anything say a party quite like a pink feather boa? I think not. I wore mine on my bachelorette party along with 18 of my closest pals (ahem, five years ago) while Harry chose his for a recent appearance on the Jimmy Kimmel show here in Los Angeles. I happened to be in the green room for this particular taping and saw him in the flesh in this delightful get up and it was somehow even more magical in person.

I’ve always loved feathers and what they mean symbolically and in fact have my next tattoo ready to go with this particular design. It seems that this summer and fall they have been everywhere – in jewelry, in prints on dresses and shirts, even in hats. While pink feather boas may not be a huge up and coming phenomenon for 2015 – its safe to say that feathers on their own will stay a huge trend into the spring season at least. Feathers are said to represent hope, light, and truth – something I’m sure both Harry and I are hoping for a little of in 2015.


EXHIBIT C: Sneaky Smooches, Hip for Hip Art, and I Heart Hanson.


Smooches, white tee and tattoo peaks and a love of my all time fave - Hanson.

Sneaky smooches, Hip to hip art, and I Heart Hanson.


Sneaky Smooches – This one is obviously just a silly addition but find me a post on this blog where I am NOT making a kiss face and I will…well, I’ll be very surprised. Because it is my signature pose. And like the heart prints – love and affection are always a fashion DO.


Hip to Hip Art – My first tattoo EVER is visible in a little sneak peak here – To be fair, his tattoo is a lot bigger than mine and stretches across his hip bones but there is something so naughty in having a little tiny secret tattoo somewhere that only catches a glimpse of sun every so often.

Ink on your body is forever and there’s nothing trendy in doing something like that because of anyone else and what is significant to them. That said – I LOVE my ten tattoos and do not regret a single one. I personally find them to be my most favorite accessory and an extension of who I am – but if you aren’t one for ink? There are plenty of other ways to express yourself.


I Heart Hanson – What do we have here…OH JUST MY FIRST LOVES HANSON NO BIG. Obviously this is a lie as this is a HUGE BIG. Hanson was the first band I ever loved and Taylor the very first boy I just KNEW I was going to marry. While that might not have panned out, it seems Harry caught on to the brilliance of my favorite group of brothers and has been showing his support this year.

Graphic tees are always fashionable and are easy to dress up too if you are so inclined – I often pair mine with leather leggings, a sequin skirt or pant, or a perfectly fitting pair of dark skinnies.


EXHIBIT D: Leopard Lovers Replay, Playful Plaid and Fun with (faux) Fur.

Leopard lovers part two, blue plaid and MY SIGNATURE FUR!

Leopard lovers replay, Playful Plaid and Fun with (faux) Fur. 

LEOPARD LOVERS REPLAY – Nothing more to add to this. Just had to post another example of this leopard loving action because I genuinely cannot believe. MY SIGNATURE PRINT. Ok. I’m done. Probably.

To reiterate: Leopard print. Yes. ALWAYS.

PLAYFUL PLAID – I’ll be honest. I have a total of ONE flannel shirt, and its not even the one in this picture above. This is an older shot and my current one flannel shirt is a red buffalo print. Flannel shirts are admittedly not my favorite style piece on me – but no one can debate how cute and comfy they are. This is however a 2014 shot of Mr. Styles and I absolutely adore the casual and stylish look of a gent in a flannel shirt with rolled up sleeves.

This year brought a lot of flannel/plaid shirts out and not necessarily worn as a shirt either. In fact, most of what I saw was the 90′s look of being tied around the waist. I’m thinking this, along with much of the 90′s spike in trends we saw this year, will probably begin to fade away a bit as we recycle pieces from another decade as we always do.


FUN WITH (FAUX) FUR – Breaking News: Harry Styles Reads FilthyCuteXO.com! What other POSSIBLE explanation is there that mere days after my holiday dressing post fawning over my faux fur that this little sugar plum was spotted in this gorgeous cropped coat?? And the COLOR! You can’t see here but it was a cross between purple and wine and all around a total 10.

I loved my faux fur pieces in 2010 and I loved them this year and will love them next year and the rest of my days. They seem to be available everywhere and in any piece from a hat, to a scarf, to a cape, to a full coat these days. When it warms up I’m sure these fuzzy finds will disappear once more but for now get your fur on.


Lastly – my personal tips and thoughts for the coming year?


When I think about my personal style and the things I need or want or am leaning toward I first take inventory of what I already have. I pay attention to my buying habits over the last few months and the pieces I’m pinning, liking, saving or just falling in love with overall. What are the similarities? Differences? Is there a color palette I’m focusing on or is there a more common theme to the overall look?

My 2014 look was inspired by the 20′s era – I started with a platinum blonde pixie and went for glamour, drop waists, and big bold jewels. I had so much vintage stuff already it seemed a natural course to focus my style on.

Based on my 2014 purchases and the pieces I already have and LOVE plus what I am coveting now – it is a no brainer that my 2015 aesthetic will be grooooooovy, baby. Yep. Look for Filthy Cute to take a very 70′s turn this upcoming year. More jumpsuits, more fur, high waists and bigggggggg sunnies.

Happy New Year my lovelies – 2014 was a GREAT year for me and I’m excited for what 2015 brings – fashion and otherwise.




roundup: holiday dressing.



Tis the season

Tis the season

Tis the season for mistletoe, fireplaces, parties, gift exchanges, and my personal favorite – a reason to constantly dress up! No matter where you are going or what the occasion is, it is never a bad time to add a little something extra to your look.

Struggling for ideas this season on how to make a standout look? Check out some of my favorites from this month – gold, fur, and smokey eyes ahead!

12-14-2014 11-39-55 AM


For this look, I paired a sweet playsuit with tights and booties to transition it into a fall/winter look. The colors of this romper are great for this exact thing as you can work the way you style it into any season.

This look also makes it into my “glam girl on a budget” category – not counting the sunnies, the entire ensemble was less than $150 (including the shoes!)

Romper: ASOS Tights: Target Body Chain: ASOS Gold heeled booties: Wanted Sunnies: Prada

Romper: ASOS
Tights: Target
Body Chain: ASOS
Gold heeled booties: Wanted
Sunnies: Prada

Fun, flirty, and still a bit dressed up.

Fun, flirty, and still a bit dressed up.


12-14-2014 11-39-29 AM


Dress: H&M Necklace: Nordstrom

Dress: H&M
Necklace: Nordstrom


This dress was pretty simple – stripes in black and white, fitted cut. The makeup was also pretty simple on the eyes – and a touch of a red lip but nothing too bold. With this type of look the key is to let your accessories take the spotlight. I did this with a huge and gorgeous statement necklace but you can also do this with headbands, hats, etc.

Necklace: Stella & Dot

Necklace: Stella & Dot

This necklace from Stella and Dot is one of my favorite pieces of the season and it’s great because you can transition it from all seasons and with all looks. I wore this with a bold dress to an award show but also as you can see here it also works paired with something a lot more basic. This necklace and my eye makeup was my focus here – if you are not comfortable with a dramatic look or drawing attention to your clothing, this is a great route for you to take while still looking festive and feeling glam.

12-14-2014 11-45-16 AM


Okay listen – I know part of what makes this time of year so special are the traditions surrounding the season. But those aren’t the traditions I want you to move outside of of course – I am talking about a ‘traditional’ winter color palette. Are you more comfortable with brights and neons? ME TOO! Make your look more you and stick with what you love – there are plenty of ways to doll up your brights and make even the most ‘summer’ look winter appropriate.

Dress: ASOS Shoes: Zara Necklace: Stella & Dot Bracelet: Various Sunnies: Chanel

Dress: ASOS
Shoes: Zara
Necklace: Stella & Dot
Bracelet: Various
Sunnies: Chanel

To be fair, this dress was for an award show so I didn’t need to pair it with any kind of coat and the dress was fine to stand on its own. But if you have a low cut, bright dress that you need to cover up in some way to suit the weather where you are you can easily do this by changing my open sandal heels to a dressy bootie or some kind of pointy toed pump. If you are afraid of freezing your legs, hosiery would keep those gams covered in a chill or you could always go the route of a sexy knee high boot.

For a coat, I would probably pair this with a solid black cape or of course my signature faux fur. But really the point is here – wear your colors. If you are pink instead of red, don’t let the calendar control your comfort and make what you love work.

12-14-2014 11-58-37 AM


Eye makeup courtesy of MAC

Eye makeup courtesy of MAC


Eye makeup courtesy of Sephora

Eye makeup courtesy of Sephora


Makeup is a great way to dress yourself up too – the two above looks were done at MAC and Sephora for different events I went to but there are plenty of makeup tutorials on YouTube if you would rather go that route.

Not wanting such a statement on your eyes? Your lips are another great way to add some immediate sophistication to your look. A simple and quick look would be basic, neutral shadow, a great dramatic winged liner with a few coats of mascara and you can never go wrong with a bold red lip. If red is not your speed, purple is a great hue this season and a deep dark pink is a way to try the look without going full red.

12-14-2014 11-59-09 AM


Sequin pants: Nordstrom White tee: Target Black blazer: Victorias Secret Shoes: Sam Edelman

Sequin pants: Nordstrom
White tee: Target
Black blazer: Victorias Secret
Shoes: Sam Edelman


For the look above, I let one area of my outfit do the work. I went for a bold sparkly sequin pair of pants – and kept the rest of this ensemble very basic. Plain white tee, simple black fitted blazer, and a nude pair of wedges (with a little bit of a leopard strap because as we know leopard IS my neutral). Make up was extremely simple as well – a deep pink lip and very natural shadow with a simple liner/mascara combo.

12-14-2014 11-59-29 AM


At the end of the day, and most importantly, just be YOU.

Are you a simple girl who hates dressing up and lives in sweats? THAT’S OK. As shown above, you can dress up a different part of you, wear some chic jewels, blow them away with a handbag, etc.

On the flip side – if you are like me and love to experiment with color and texture and live for ‘look at me’ dramatic looks? EMBRACE THAT TOO.

My final holiday look is my absolute favorite – fun, fancy, and a little over the top – just like me. :)


Jumpsuit: ASTR Faux fur coat: ASOS Necklace: Forever 21 Shoes: Nine West

Jumpsuit: ASTR
Faux fur coat: ASOS
Necklace: Forever 21
Shoes: Nine West

Tip: Drop your coat over your shoulders to achieve the fur stole look and wear it as the full coat to stay warm in the cold weather.

Tip: Drop your coat over your shoulders to achieve the fur stole look and wear it as the full coat to stay warm in the cold weather.


Makeup close up.

Makeup close up.


A jumpsuit. Full fur coat. Gold accents on the nude shoes. A statement necklace. Smokey eyes. EVERYTHING I LIVE FOR IN ONE AMAZING LOOK. Would some people look at me and think “Man, she’s got a lot going on.” Sure, I’m sure they would. But this is ME – and I was proud and happy to wear this outfit with all the pieces I love most together. And, if I may toot my own horn a little, I think that it all just WORKED.

Don’t be afraid to take some risks with your outfit and your look this holiday season. I can’t think of a better excuse to something a little outside your comfort zone or a little more dressed up than you normally would. Who knows – you may discover something about yourself that you didn’t realize was in there.

Miracles happen this time of year after all. :)

Happy Hannukah and Merry Christmas to all my lovely readers. I hope you have a lovely, fashionable and loved holiday season. xoxo




outfit of the day: bubble, pop, electric.


It’s officially fall in most parts of the country and the weather took a drastic turn towards the cold side. California dropped too but we are talking from a scorching 90 degrees last weekend to about a high of 71 degrees instead. Don’t get me wrong, this was a bit chilly for me but I’m sure places like say, NYC wouldn’t really appreciate the comparison.

All that said, the temps are dropping and summer dresses are going back into the closet. I refuse to give in completely though – I might be breaking out the leather pants and my high waisted skinnies but I’m keeping the spirit of summer alive with bright pinks, muscle tanks, and cutout booties with this outfit of the day: bubble pop electric.


Heart tank: Wildfox High Waisted Jeans: ASOS Cut out booties: Sole Minded Bracelets: All over

Heart tank: Wildfox
High Waisted Jeans: ASOS
Cut out booties: Sole Republic
Bracelets: All over



Arm candy.

Arm candy.


I decided to mix up the girly details (pearls, bows, and of course the bright bubblegum pink) with some texture and studs to add some more depth to the look.


The love was in the air.

The love was in the air.


Who can resist blowing kisses with hot pink and hearts everywhere? Not this girl!


Jeffrey Campbell inspired booties for a small fraction of the price.

Jeffrey Campbell inspired booties for a small fraction of the price.


Now I know, I know. I NEVER go for the off brand/imitation of a designer I really love. But I’ll be honest – I don’t actually LIKE the original Jeffrey Campbells :( I know – BLASPHEMY! But I bought them, tried them on, and didn’t like how they felt. I was super bummed to miss out on the look of them and when I found these babies at a boutique I knew it was meant to be for me. It just goes to show sometimes the undiscovered smaller brand may surprise you.


I wore this fun little number to a concert with friends.

I wore this fun little number to a concert with friends.


We all know leopard is my staple in the way that black is for most people so in the spirit of fun and color, I paired the look with a long leopard cardigan for evening.


What will you miss most about summer? Don’t forget that sunshine is only an accessory away sometimes. :)





outfit of the day: i woke up like this.


Mixed prints are one of my favorite things to play with.

Mixed prints. A bold lip. A full skirt. And Queen Bey. #flawless

This outfit of the day spotlight features a nice handful of my favorite things – read on if you think you’re ready for this jelly. (I know. It was embarrassing to even type.)


Beyonce tank: Mrs. Carter Tour  Skirt: A'GACI Shoes: Nine West Bracelets: Alex and Ani

Beyonce tank: Mrs. Carter Tour
Skirt: A’GACI
Shoes: Nine West
Bracelets: Alex and Ani


I kept my accessories really minimal with this outfit – the mixed prints are the focus and with the lip being bold as well I didn’t want to be doing TOO much. I kept my hair and shoes simple as well so that the outfit was the true focus.


Walking around wearing Queen Bey gives you some automatic FLAWLESS tude, I must say.

Walking around wearing Queen Bey gives you some automatic FLAWLESS tude, I must say.


What I found to be the key with mixing prints is to keep the color palette complementary. There is clearly a lot going on in each standalone piece but the black and white design connects them both together in a way that doesn’t seem obvious as separates.

Mixed prints are one of my favorite things to play with.

Mixed prints are one of my favorite things to play with.


I woke up like this (had to right? I know. Terrible.)

I woke up like this.


Are you brave enough to try the mixed print trend yet? Let Beyonce (and hopefully filthycutexo!) inspire you to try it out. It was one of my most fun outfits to date!





outfit roundup: summer concert series.


Tank: Redbubble
Skirt: Forever21

This summer I went to A LOT of concerts. In the months of May up to the present alone I attended 9 One Direction shows, Sam Smith twice, Ed Sheeran twice, Marc Broussard, Ray Lamontagne, Demi Lovato, Katy Perry, and New Kids on the Block – just to name a few! That, combined with my love of fashion, creates a need for a LOT of different outfits. All except three of these shows were held in outdoor venues in the middle of the summer which created an added challenge as well.

I get asked quite a bit how I pick my outfits for various shows. It really depends on the climate, the type of show, where your seats are, and what you feel like that day but a few constants for me are it has to stand out in some way, it has to reflect my style and it has to fit your venue.

Below lets take a look at a snapshot of some of my favorite summer concert selections.

Tank: Redbubble Skirt: Forever21

Tank: Redbubble
Skirt: Forever21


This particular outfit was at the Rose Bowl Stadium in Pasadena California. I had three boiling hot nights there where the temps hit over 100 degrees every day and the humidity was out of control. I went with a custom tank top featuring one of my favorite boys and added a purple bandage skirt to add something special to the outfit. The top started out as a t-shirt and I cut the neck, the back and the sleeves to fit my style a bit better.


Romper: ASOS Headwrap: Boutique in Boston Flash Tattoos: Various Lace Bralette: Victorias Secret

Romper: ASOS
Headwrap: Boutique in Boston
Flash Tattoos: Various
Lace Bralette: Victorias Secret


Miami, Florida – another HOT and humid locale. This was my most recent show and by this time I have learned the lesson that jewelery plus humidity = NOT FUN. Because of this I was so delighted to finally get a few packages of Flash tattoos. I have been a fan of these for over a year and finally made my order and I am so grateful I did – they help add pops of glamour and jewels to your look without having to sweat and ruin your favorite pieces. They go on just like regular temporary tattoos and come off the same way. Each package has PAGES of sheets with unique designs so this will add fun and flashiness to any outfit for a long time to come.


Karl Lagerfeld Tank Hot pink shorts: Boutique Necklace: Forever21

Karl Lagerfeld Tank
Hot pink shorts: Boutique
Necklace: Forever21


Ah, yet another outdoor venue. For this one, I decided to let my love of Karl Lagerfeld speak for itself and wore my prized tank top with him. I paired Uncle Karl with some bright hot pink shorts, a skinny leopard belt, and a black and gold statement necklace. This was beyond comfortable and one of my favorites as it was really fashionable but also quite a standout in a crowd.


Party dress: ASOS Flash Tattoos

Party dress: ASOS
Flash Tattoos


I went a little dressier at this show because 1. I was RIGHT HERE AT THE CATWALK!! :) and 2. it was a special Irish someones birthday and it’s not a birthday without a party dress! I loved this one for the bright color again and also the material – it was made entirely of a lightweight scuba material. Because the dress was so neon (seriously, it doesn’t even translate. this was like a highlighter!) I had only a single flash tattoo on my arm with it as the dress definitely did the talking on its own.


Dress: Urban Outfitters Sandals: Steve Madden

Dress: Urban Outfitters
Sandals: Steve Madden


This was a fabulous choice for the overwhelming humidity of the Rose Bowl. The dress is an extremely breezy fabric with a small cutout in the back and tank straps. I didn’t have to wear a bra with it and for me, that is 90% of my convincing right there. The sandals were simple and comfortable but gold to add just a bit of my signature metal. Again you’ll notice no necklace or bracelets – in a situation like this less is more but the sandals and cutout details on the back of the dress show you don’t have to sacrifice style for sweating.


T-shirt - VINTAGE 1997 BABY Yellow skirt - Uniqlo Shoes: Sam Edelman

T-shirt – VINTAGE 1997 BABY
Yellow skirt – Uniqlo
Shoes: Sam Edelman

This look was something I wore to the Greek Theatre to see Sam Smith. I went with mustard yellow and wanted to pair it with some kind of leopard (one of my favorite combinations) but was also feeling nostalgic for one of my very first summer concert memories – the boys of Hanson. This tee shirt was actually purchased in 1997 back in their prime and I have held on to it as a coveted possession ever since. The wedges have leopard straps so I was able to add my pop of print and the waistline of the skirt has a nice and subtle gold line in it.


There were more outfits and more shows and lots more coming up but these were definitely some of my favorites.

Do you find it hard to style yourself for warm weather shows? What about concerts in general? Find ways to incorporate your personal sense of style into each outfit and you can’t go wrong no matter where your destination is!


The summer of a lifetime.

The summer of a lifetime.





make-up spotlight: fabulashes.


It’s been said that your eyes are the windows into the soul. If this is really the case, that would make your eyelashes a pretty important design piece for the window frame. So. Pretty big job here. Like any window treatment, there are several ways you can go but at the end of the day we all want something to accentuate the view beautifully without taking over.

If you’re like me, you get REALLY excited over makeup. Especially new makeup. I’ve been hearing a sudden influx of people talking about this new 3D fiber lash mascara by Younique. I’ve seen some Facebook groups and various friends are distributing it and I’ve also seen it trending a few times via instagram hashtags. Naturally my “heyyyyyy what am I missing??” mindset took over and I just HAD to try it.

The results? Well…I’m pretty sure the excitement in my face gives it away…

So excited to flutter my long and pretty lashes.

So excited to flutter my long and pretty lashes.


The kit comes with a case, a tube of the transplanting gel, a tube of the fibers, and a direction sheet. The case feels sturdy, like a sunnies case, and I am already imagining packing my makeup brushes in it when I travel.

The kit and the tubes.

The kit and the tubes.


The directions on the beautifully packaged product say to apply one coat of your own mascara and then let it completely dry. I personally tried it three different ways – once at the beginning of my makeup process, once at the end, and once in the middle. I personally found it best to do the coat of mascara (and actually the whole process) before applying your foundation/concealer to avoid having to touch up any stray fiber particles that landed under my eyes.

Once your base coat of regular mascara has been applied, you put your first coat of the gel onto your lashes. While this is still wet, you then put an evenly distributed coat of the fibers over the gel. The final step in this process is one last coat of the gel to seal it all together. You can do this more than once if you want/need more drama on your eyelids but I personally found one round was perfect for my look.


The before and after really says it all!

The before and after really says it all!


Now, to be fair, I have been blessed with long eyelashes to start as you can see above (thanks, mom!). The top picture is with just a very thin layer of regular old mascara. But on fun nights out I do love to wear fake lashes if the mood strikes and I gotta admit the 3D Fiber Lash product has completely eliminated the need for those. It was like the effect of fakes without the glue, concentration, and awkward feeling of putting them on. They also LOOK natural because they ARE natural. This product seems to really just accentuate what you have and give you what is lacking.


After the second coat of the transplating gel.

After the second and final coat of the gel.


A view from the top.

A view from the top.

A close up of the completed look. I'm in love.

A close up of the completed look. I’m in love.


Overall my thoughts on this new trend is that 3D fiber lash mascara has my eyelashes batting a thousand.

If you’re ready for an inexpensive way to glam out your daily routine, check out the below links:


instagram: FabulashTricia




and the winner is…


WOW! I am blown away by such an AMAZING response to my little old contest and with so many wonderful entries it was nearly impossible to choose just one. So…I didn’t. :)

I chose the grand prize winner for the floor seats I had for this contest specifically and couldn’t help but to purchase two other sets for two other lucky runner up winners since I simply could not pick. The other two winners won’t be getting floor seats unfortunately but they ARE seats in the first 20 rows of the bowl section (above the floor) and still will have a great view of the stage. If for any reason you were selected as a winner and CAN NOT go to the show, please let me know ASAP so I can pick an alternate winner.

And without further adieu – the winners!

GRAND PRIZE – 2 floor seats in section C6 on September 11th.

Cherlynn – thank you so much for your submission. It touched me for obvious reasons and I hope you enjoy your last evening in town with your daughter. My mom took me to my very first concert and several others after and we always had an absolute blast together. I have e-mailed the tickets to your gmail – feel free to leave a note if you didn’t receive. Have a wonderful time! xoxo

1st RUNNER UP – 2 tickets in section 19, row 17 on September 11th.

Sabrina – Twitter xxstylesbabexx – Thanks for sharing your story with me and I’m so sorry about your loss. I know how difficult it is when someone passes unexpectedly and the financial implications on top of the grief is awful. I hope these tickets brighten your day – your e-mail was not on the twitter but I have followed you on twitter and sent a DM. Please DM me your e-mail address so I can send the tickets to you. xoxo

2nd RUNNER UP – 2 tickets in section 19, row 20 on September 11th.

Veronica – I totally relate and empathize with your story – that is SO me too! I have been there and have been made fun of for my boyband obsession. Especially as an older fan of these boys (and I am older than you!). It’s truly something special that the music and silly break from reality can help you get a clear head and make the changes you needed to make. Music totally has that power and it’s happened to me many times before. These boys made my year liveable after the worst in my life last year and I’m so excited to give you the chance to experience them live for the same magic. I have e-mailed you  - please let me know if you didn’t receive. XO

Thanks again to all that entered and for sharing your stories. I truly wish I could have treated all of you to the show!

Stay tuned to the blog for more contests, accessories and of course fashion favorites. :)



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